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Creativity Coaching
​As a former art/creative director for companies such as Disney, Paramount and others, I am well-versed in managing the often turbulent courses artists of all backgrounds need to navigate in order to free up their creative flow, follow their calling and harness their unique imaginative powers in fulfilling and sustainable ways. 

As a certified Martha Beck master life coach, as a writer (www.katja-elk.com), as a member of the Write Into Light Course support team (www.marthabeck.com), in short, as your personal creativity coach, I am here to offer my support in one-on-one coaching sessions to help you unshackle your creative energies. I will support you to be  brave and vulnerable and expansive in all the many ways that make you You.  

Find out who you arehow you want to show up in this world and how to shape and share your unique artistic gifts as they are meant to be shared with the world. Need a little help? Reach out — I’m here for you.

Investing into building your mental strength and well-being will have long-term creative benefits. Email me, and we will set up your coaching sessions to help you find your voice and become the kind, confident, gifted artist you are meant to be. 

Every whisper, every word, and every roar starts with an inhale. Let me show you how to breathe and exhale more freely. The world is waiting to hear from you! 
Treat yourself and take advantage of private life coaching sessions via phone to stay in the flow of your personal growth no matter where you are. Schedule your sessions and call from home, work or wherever you may be while traveling for business or pleasure. 

A typical life coaching session lasts 60 minutes. Before we begin you will be sent a Client Intake form that will serve as a baseline for our upcoming coaching sessions.

Enlisting a life coach is a modality used by many high-functioning, successful individuals who know that their ongoing personal growth greatly enhances their quality of life

It's your time to come fully alive!
Private Life Coaching 
Using my background as a former art/creative director in the entertainment industry, my extensive work as a horse trainer and facilitator of equine-assisted retreats, as well as my in-depth studies of many current thought leaders (Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Peter Levine, Thich Nhat Hanh, etc.), I enjoy offering a variety of perspectives, insights and practices to individuals and groups within the safe setting of private and corporate retreats. Please email me for more information.

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